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I’m Jonny Wilson

A Little Bit of Everything Online.

Looking for my CV?

Curriculum Vitaes are boing, I have designed a chatbot to impersonate me. Click below to start. 

My Projects

As an engineering student, I’ve always got my hands tied up programing boards or fixing something 

I am a charismatic & personable engineer with a passion for Aerospace and Defence Industry

 I have a long-held passion for engineering, taking devices apart and building simple circuits to understand how they work. 





Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAVs)
Programming in C & Python
Avionic Communications Systems
Web Development & SEO

Your website needs to be your online sales team, making potential customers want to like you, trust you and most importantly buy from you.

You need to convert more people that come to browse your website into buyers. Simple right?

The majority of today’s websites are very pretty, but unfortunately are not that functional, frustrating potential customers and leaving you wanting more information.

Personal Development & Leadership

Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of developing your website to ensure the best results on google, yahoo, bing and more. The better your website performs on these search engines, the higher chance you have of driving traffic to your website. 

In theory the more users you have visiting your website, the more chance you have of turning these ” leads ” into the business. The more people you have contacted you the higher chance they are going to turn into customers. 

Recent Resources

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Churches bring people together through the meeting of religion and community. Live streaming services have brought the new potential to church and other religious services. 

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3 Week Career Workshop

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About Me

From a young age, I have been building and programming multi-rotor unmanned aerial drones that could fly autonomously. While studying Avionics Systems in Univerity of Liverpool, I am using this website as a tool for me to assist my learning by helping others.

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